Hidden gems

There are so many things to discover in the countryside! Here, Jönköping County Museum presents some of the cultural environment and heritage attractions in the county.

Bildkollage med bilder på en ruin, kyrka, röda trähus, runsten, flottning och samt en tegelbyggnad.

The points on the map show the locations of the hidden gems, but are linked to the Swedish versions. 
For direct path to english versions of the pdfs of hidden gems, select from the list on the right (sorted by municipality).

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They include well-known cultural monuments such as Habo Church and the Smålandsstenar Stone Circles, but also lesser known gems such as log-driving remains in the river Valån and Stengårdshult Church. Around the county you can find evidence of how people lived and worked in the past, everything from castles and manors to abandoned embankments and clearance cairns in forest areas.
The idea with Hidden Gems is to tempt you to make excursions in the cultural landscape – here you find our history, revealed in different ways in the physical ­environment. This heritage is worth experiencing and protecting. Bit by bit, we will be adding more sights under the heading Hidden Gems, both for people ­living in the county and visitors from further away. The more people who discover these gems, the better chance that they will be preserved for the future.

In Jönköping County there are more than 4 000 registered ancient remains, 87 cultural environments of national interest, close to 130 listed buildings, around 150 churches, some 100 rural community centres with old settlements, a large number of industrial heritage sites, and two cultural reserves. There are also a large number of cultural environments with buildings worthy of conservation. More information about the sites can be found on the websites of the County Administrative Board, the municipalities and the local heritage societies.

Access to the Hidden Gems varies. Some sites are well signposted, with easy ­access and proper parking facilities, etc. Others are more challenging to reach. ­Visitors may have to walk some distance, sometimes through scrubby forest, only to be met by a broken sign (if there ever was one) when they reach the site. All the sites, however, have an exciting and interesting history.Please note that many of the cultural heritage buildings are privately owned and can only be viewed from the outside. Also, please respect private land. Many churches are open in the summer. During other times of the year, the churchwarden may be able to open the church for you. 

You will find all the hidden gems in the right hand column.

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Choose a hidden gem to learn more about. The link takes you to a PDF document that you can read on screen or print.


1. Bredestad valley (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
2. Stierngranat's monuments (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
3. Vireda church (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
47. Aneby gård – iron and graves (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
48. Bredestad church (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
49. Hillfort by lake Noen (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
50. Haurida and Åsens by villages (pdf, 1MB, new window)>



4. Bruzaholm works (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
5. Edshult castle ruins (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
6. Ingatorp tithe barn (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
51. Näs (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
52. Ryningsholm - grave fields & seat farm (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
53. Eksjö, the wooden town (pdf, 1MB, new window)>



7. Smålandsstenar grave field (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
8. Stengårdshult church (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
9. Villstad church village (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
54. Kållerstad abandoned graveyard (pdf, 2MB, new window)> 
78. Bölaryd with mill and sawmill (pdf, 2MB, new window)> 



10. Log flume in the river Valån (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
11. Hylténs metal factory (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
12. Marieholm works (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
13. Åsenhöga abandoned graveyard (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
55. Häryd blast furnace (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
56. Höga rör (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
57. Johannes Andersson's canal (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
79. Töllstorp industrial museum (pdf, 2 MB, 
new window)>



14. Habo church (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
15. Habo wool spinning mill (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
16. Kyrkestaden (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
58. Brandstorp church (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
80. Power station at Östra Sandvadet (pdf, 1MB, 
new window) >



17. Bottnaryd church (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
18. Industrial environment in Dunkehalla (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
19. Visingsö grave fields (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
20. Rosenlund manor (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
21. Rumlaborg castle ruins (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
22. Jönköping woodland cemetery (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
59. Boeryd grave field (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
60. Näs castle ruins (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
61. Brahehus castle ruins (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
62. Domarekullen tumulus (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
63. Dödskallehöjden tumulus (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
64. Lustigkulle tumulus (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
65. Skärstaddalen valley cultural landscape (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
66. Water reservoir park and sunken lanes (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
81. Röttle (pdf 2MB, 
new window) >



23. Eriksgatuleden trail (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
24. Ryfors works (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
25. Utvängstorp church and ancient fields (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
67. Tunarp cultural landscape (pdf, 3MB, new window)>
68. Ljunghems backar (pdf, 2MB, new window)>



26. Bringetofta church and grave field (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
27. Fagertofta grave field (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
28. Norra Sandsjö parish centre (pdf, 3MB, new window)>
29. Rommen field barn landscape (pdf, 3MB, new window)>
69. Bruadungen grave field (pdf, 2MB, new window)>



30. Eksjöhovgård castle ruins (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
31. Hjälmseryd old church (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
32. Komstad village environment (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
33. Vallsjö old church and rune stone (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
70. Skepperstad church environment (pdf, 1MB, new window)>



34. Adelöv market stalls (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
35. Brahälla castle ruins (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
36. Mada grave field (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
37. Tranås town hall (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
71. Romanäs (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
82. Hultet old village (pdf, 2MB, new window)>



38. Skillingaryd military area (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
39. Viedalen grave field (pdf, 701KB, new window)>
40. Åker church stables (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
72. Hagshult church (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
83. Hagafor chair factory (pdf, 2MB, 
new window)>



41. Hultaby castle ruins (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
42. Lannaskede old church (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
43. Two rune stones by the river Kroppån (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
73. Högarps by village (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
74. Repperda (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
84. Hörnebo slate mine (pdf, 2MB, 
new window)>



44. Forsheda stone (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
45. Åminne works (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
46. Nydala abbey (pdf, 1MB, new window)>
75. Apladalen (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
76. Gamla Åminne works (pdf, 2MB, new window)>
77. Nästa grave fields (pdf, 2MB, new window)>